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choose between Custom casting or hand cut. 

we will work with you to determine the best prosses for your project.

Casting is currently unavailable at this time

Custom Casting

Custom casting, we take your design and cast it in the metal of your choice of

copper, sterling silver, bronze, and aluminum.


3D sketch


 your Custom Sketch

and design

We take your sketch and turn it into a 3d design

3d Print it out using special filament


cast it in the metal of your choice


Add the resin of your color and attach details.

Custom Hand Cut

Hand Cut vs Casting

Hand cut allows greater details and the option of layering different metals.

You are able to include metals such as Stainless steel, Nickle, and brass that are not available with casting

Custom design

Your design

Your design custom design

hand made jewlery

adding details

add the color resin of your choice along with patinas

hand cut jewlery

Hand Cut 

We hand cut out all the pieces

hand made jewlery


we solder all the pieces together

hand made jewlery

Finished product

hand cut allows the opportunity to 

have personalized stamping.

Silver Wolf Artistry

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