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SCA / Historical groups

we are currently working on a basic medallion that will be available on the store.

For now all medallions are made to order.

Choose your process


Casting is temporarily unavailable at this time

Hand Cut

cast vs hand cut

MOD (master of defense) Medallions

Starting at $50

We can make a variety of styles from basic to full custom.

We can add other symbols to the MOD Medallion such as Loral wreaths, pelicans, crowns, and other symbols 

Base MOD  

Personize it with your choice of colored resin

2 color 

Have the option to add a second color

MOD with no resin

Add a patina or use plain metal

you can incorporate up to 3 different metals 

MOD with cut outs

we can add cut outs and layer different types of metal to create a Unique one of a kind medallion 

Full Custom

Look good in court with a full custom MOD medallion. 

We can add stones, incorporate complex designs, and use different metals.

use an existing necklace or we can make a full custom chain of state.

Laurel and pelican 

make a personalized pelican / laurel

or any combination 


student, squire, provost medallions 

starting at $60

Let everyone know who your student is with your coat of arms

all of these are existing Coat of arms and therefor not for sale.  I will be happy to work with you on a custom one

one color of resin

No resin and one resin

2 color

Half resin

3 metals 

Collars and chains of state

this is for Plain collars if you want to add any personalization use the contact form

personalize your collar with your device

starting at $250 for 12 symbols
Personalized collar ends $35

chains of state 15 medallions each. attached to crushed velvet

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